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Venus De Milo Lamp - Warm White - 3D Printed

Venus De Milo Lamp - Warm White - 3D Printed

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This lamp was created by using a 3D scanned Venus De Milo, it's approximately 11.7 inches tall and 4 inches wide making it a perfect mood light for any room.

The statue of Venus De Milo is one of the most historical and recognizable. The statue was uncovered in 1820 by a peasant in the ancient city of Milos. There is evidence that suggests the statue is of Venus, the Roman counterpart to the Greek goddess Aphrodite. It's creation date is estimated to be between 125-150 BC. Originally the statue is believed to have had all of it's extremities and have been created by Alexandros of Antioch.

  • Warm White LED Light
  • 3D printed with white PLA
  • 11.7" tall with a 4" wide wooden base
  • USB powered; will plug into any common phone wall adapter or laptop/ computer USB port for power (ADAPTER NOT INLCUDED)


- 3D printed with white PLA

- Wood Base w/ Warm White LED

Unless noted, all of our 3D prints are made from PLA, a plastic most commonly produced from corn starch or sugarcane. This is a fairly durable and lightweight material.

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Since this is a 3D printed product, there may be minor imperfections such as bumps, rough edges, layer lines, and small surface abnormalities. These can only be avoided to a certain extent and many are a natural artifact that results from the 3d printing manufacturing process. Each unit will slightly vary in surface finish. Please view the pictures for close up examples of surface finish.Feel free to message us if you have any questions!

Care Instructions

Dust gently or wipe with damp cloth.

- Not dishwasher safe

- Cannot exceed 160 degrees Fahrenheit

- Long-term UV exposure could cause the color to fade or yellow

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